The focus of Qness GmbH, based in the province of Salzburg in Austria, is on the development, manufacture and supply of innovative high-end products for hardness testing and metallography tasks. Qness GmbH can offer the benefits of highly-motivated employees with immense experience in the field of hardness testing. Specialist suppliers further add to the premium quality of the hardness testing machines and customer tailored plants produced.

The Qness product portfolio begins with the standard hardness testing machines of the Q10 – Q3000 series (test load range 1 gf up to 3000 kgf) created according to the latest standards and with state of the art technology in line with the recognised Brinell, Vickers, Knoop and Rockwell norms. Moreover, Qness and its team of experts from the field of automation also specialises in the creation of custom-made test lines, and offers professional door-to-door project management. Another business area of Qness is the development, manufacture and distribution of products in the field of metallography. With the Qcut1100 the first Qness cutting equipment for the global market has been developed.

Qness offers:

Hardness testing & Materialogrphy equipment.