Hot Mounting Presses

Hot mounting presses are fully hydraulic with water cooling for optimum sample mounting. Mould cylinders are available in a variety of sizes for round and rectangular mounts. Double mounts are made by adding a spacer in the cylinder.
Our innovative closure systems guarantee easy opening and closing of the mould assembly time after time.

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Hot Mounting Press OPAL X-Press

  • Modular design
  • Max. number of pressing units: 2/4 Opal X-Press 2: up to 2 Opal X-Press 4: up to 4
  • Mould assembly: Ø 25.2 – 50 mm (6 different sizes)
  • Closure system: slide closure

Hot Mounting Press OPAL 410

  • Closure system: bayonet
  • Double mounting possible

Hot Mounting Press OPAL 480

  • Closure system: slide closure
  • Double mounting possible