Fully Automatic Grinder / Polisher

The compact automated unit Saphir X-Change combines grinding and polishing station, ultrasonic cleaning station, media changer, dosing system and an integrated settling tank into one machine and is seamlessly integrated into the System Lab. Intuitive operation via touchscreen and a user friendly system for tightening and releasing the sample holder allow for quick results. Saphir X-Change offers convenience and safety.

Designed and developed by ATM, the compact automated process system (Systemautomat) provides fully automatic grinding and polishing including the cleaning and drying process. The visualized program control detects/records every process making it documentable and repeatable at all times. The stations may be combined in 4 rows or 8 rows as system-integrated versions according to requirements.

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Grinding & Polishing Robot SAPHIR X-Change

  • Working wheels: Ø 250 mm
  • Changer for 16 grinding and polishing media
  • Dosing system: 6-fold, incl. fine polishing suspension
  • Cleaning station and ultrasonic cleaner
  • Integrated settling tank

Fully Automatic Process System

  • Working wheels: Ø 300 mm
  • Foil changer station
  • Dosing system: 6-fold, incl. fine polishing suspension
  • Storage for up to 10 sample holders
  • Individual configuration