Electrolytic Polisher / Etcher

Kristall 650 is an electrolytic polishing and etching tool which is easy to transport and operates independently of the mains. It is ideal for usage outside the lab.

Kristall 680 is a fully automatic electrolytic polisher and etcher with intuitive touchscreen operation. Polishing and etching unit and control unit are separated; Kristall 680 may be operated in a lab fume cabinet. A scan function displays the current voltage curve of a material and quickly provides polishing results without structural changes. The electrolyte vessel may be exchanged and is stored with a lid.

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Electrolytic polishing / etching machine KRISTALL 650

  • Portable unit for electrolytic polishing and etching
  • Independent of the mains supply
  • Low-weight, high-performance batteries
  • Replaceable tank for electrolytes
  • Solid aluminum housing with strong carrier grip and shoulder strap

Electrolytic polishing / etching machine KRISTALL 680

  • Current & voltage diagram in real time
  • Automated temperature control of electrolytes
  • Connection for a second electrolytic tank (option)
  • Memory for up to 200 programs (password-protected)
  • Max. current: 14 A