In the early 1980’s the development of its first Carbon and Sulfur Analyzer led to the creation of ELTRA. The objective to offer high quality products at affordable prices still remains the foundation of ELTRA’s policy today.
Hundreds of satisfied customers worldwide are proof of the quality and reliability of Eltra analyzers.  With the creation of new levels of performance-to-price-ratios ELTRA’s world market share has rapidly increased.
The introduction of oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen analyzers allowed Eltra to successfully enter new markets on a global level.
Eltra equipment is the standard for elemental analysis in industries such as steel, automotive, mining and aerospace.


1981 ELTRA was founded
1981 Development of a resistance furnace CS analyzer with Siemens Cell
1984 First sales of instruments in Germany
1986 Development of induction furnace CS analyzers
1988 Design of own ELTRA IR detector
1991 Expansion to international markets (China, India, USA)
1993 Development of ON analyzers
1995 Development of H analyzers
1996 Expansion to eastern european markets (Russia, Poland)
1997 First ACHEMA with ELTRA
1999 Introduction of ONH-2000 and CS-2000 (combi instruments)
2000 Celebration of 1000th. instrument
2001 Introduction of double dual range instruments (4 IR cells)
2003 Introduction of CHS-500 analyzer
2003 Development of autoloader system for 130, 104 and 36 crucibles
2004 New Uni software for all Eltra analyzers
2005-2006 Mechanical improving of existing instruments
2007 New THERMOSTEP (Thermo Gravimetric Analyzer) laboratory version
2008 TGA (Thermo Gravimetric Analyzer) for automation
2009 Automatic and manual tungsten and iron dispenser
2009 CHS-580A analyzer with auto-sampler
2012 ELTRA becomes part of the Verder Group
2013 Relocation to new headquarters