Carbolite Gero annealing furnaces are designed specifically for changing the physical properties of samples.

Carbolite Gero offers two different lines of annealing furnace, and within each line different models and options are available in order to meet your exact annealing requirements. The HRF air recirculating oven line contains bench-mounted as well as floor-standing models. The maximum temperature of each is 750°C, distributed across the chamber by powerful fans and horizontal air-guides for rapid heating and excellent temperature uniformity.

The GLO annealing furnace features CrFeAl heating elements in ceramic fibre insulation, providing a maximum temperature of 1100°C in the furnace’s vacuum tight chamber. There are three models in the GLO annealing furnace line: the standard GLO annealing furnace, the vertical VGLO, and the mobile GLO. Chamber sizes up to 260 litres are available. Please choose from our annealing furnace range below to view details.

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Air Recirculating Oven - HRF

  • Max temp: 750 °C
  • Chamber volumes: 22 to 324 litres

Annealing furnace - GLO

  • Max temp: 600 – 1100 °C
  • Volumes: 10 to 260 litres
  • For processes in which a specific atmosphere needs to be reliably maintained